Writing in the Time of Covid-19

Or not. Because stress and worry cause fatigue. And exhaustion affects your mental state.

If you can write, then do so. We are waiting eagerly to read your stories. If you can’t, then don’t. Writing will happen and we will read your stories when you do. Either way, stop beating yourself up.

Be kind. To others. To yourself.

Exercise. Eat chocolate. Copious amounts of chocolate. Then exercise so you can eat all that chocolate without wearing it.

Exalt in the things that bring you joy. Bracket into small boxes, the things that scare you.

Always have hope.

Hope. H ελπίδα. Elpis (hope – ancient Greek) was the last thing that came out of the jar of Pandora as stated by Hesiod (Greek poet 750 – 650 BCE). Elpis was the personification or spirit of hope.

In the face of adversity, that’s what humans do, hope. Raise yourself up. Raise others too. Hope. That’s what humans do. The kind ones especially.

The ones like you.

And write when you can.