Greek-American Author

I’m H. S. Stavropoulos.  I write fiction.

Who am I?

I was born and raised in a small Greek village in the middle of Oakland, California.

And that defines everything about me.  I live and write at the intersection of those two vibrant and diverse worlds. The home of my forebearers and the land of my birth. Luckily, one nurtured the other and I have found my place in both.

Why Fiction?

Telling stories is part of being human. How we pass on culture, identity, and learning.

What do I write?

Crime Fiction – One of two writing genres that holds a mirror up to ourselves and society and forces us to take a hard look and question our actions. I love mysteries and solving puzzles, getting to the why and how of things.

Sci-Fi/Speculative Fiction – The second writing genre that holds a mirror up to society and shines a light into the darkness. It also opens a window on the future – possible and probable, and the impossible.

Historical – Because who wouldn’t want to be able to swing a sword with finesse.

Romance – Everyone wants a Happily Ever After. 

What influences my writing?

My writing is infused with being born in America of Greek immigrant parents.  Growing up speaking Greek and English, dancing to Greek music, soul and rock-n-roll, eating souvlikia and hot dogs, Mexican, Chinese and Indian food (America is the great melting pot after all).  Even so, I always felt like an outsider.

Visiting Greece to see my hundreds (I kid you not) relatives. Or at least some during each visit.

Greece, being Greek-American, Greek food (of course!!), the wealth of Greek culture, mythology and traditions and the complex and wonderful Greek people, both in Greece and in America influence and flavour all aspects of my writing.

Being raised in Oakland California, a diverse community with good people, amazing food, fantastic architecture, distinct neighborhoods, cool music and many of the good, and some of the bad aspects, of any large urban locale.

It’s who I am and how I write.

H. S. Stavropoulos