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Fish Nets The Second Guppies Anthology

Fish Nets
The Second Guppies Anthology


  My short story

The White Flip Flop

is in Fish Nets.


 Fish Nets: The Second Guppy Anthology

The White Flip-Flop

I was walking on a beautiful sandy beach in Greece at the end of a glorious day. As the tide hit the beach, I noticed a single white flip-flop being tossed in the froth. When I got to that spot on the beach, I kicked the flip-flop up to the sand away from the waves. The wet rhinestones glittered in the sunlight.

Seeing that solitary flip-flop fired my imagination. My brain raced with questions and possibilities.

How could a woman leave a single flip-flop at the beach? How could she walk away with only one flip-flop? How did it get in the water?

By the time I returned to my hotel, a story started to coalesce with a main character, a murderer, the victim and the solitary white flip-flop.

H. S. Stavropoulos