Crete – A Weekend With Myths, Legends, and History

I had the honour of guest blogging at Novel Adventurers.  Here is an excerpt.


The wonderful thing about visiting my family in Greece is that when I need to escape for a weekend getaway, I have hundreds of islands to select. I’d always wanted to see the Palace at Knossos, so Crete it was.

I flew in and grabbed a cab to my beachfront hotel. I spent the day swimming and as the day drew to a close and I walked along the shore listening to the gentle sound of waves lapping against the sandy beach, a single white flip-flop was tossed among the waves. I reached it and kicked it onto the beach, continued my walk, and eventually headed back to my hotel.

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Crete—A Weekend With Myths, Legends, and History


And if you want to read The White Flip Flop, the story this trip generated, click here to purchase a copy of 

Fish Nets: The Second Guppy Anthology